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my name is Eberhard, I live in Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany. For more than 25 years I play the clarinet - and especially the bass clarinet - as a hobby. So I am neither a professional nor did I study musical science (I studied Business Administration and work as manager and IT-consultant).

Together with my wife (yes, like many others we met in an Orchestra ;-) I play the bass clarinet in our local symphonic wind band, SBNorderstedt, a top-league amateur band (in many countries bands compete in leagues like football teams).

I started the page for fun a long time ago. I couldn't say when, it was definitely last century :-) so the page might well be online for ten years now! I received lots of positive feedback, that keeps me motivated to carry on.

For a long time the page was German only, and in between many people wrote who obviously hardly understood German. So I think there is a need for such a page in English - and I decided to translate it. When I had to go to a hospital for some weeks due to a very bad infection, I had lots of time to translate it and here you are!

If you have any comments of general interest, use the guestbook - if you want an answer by the Author, send me a mail (but do have look into the FAQ) before, please!.